Saturday, May 12, 2007

Not a Short Post

Hmm... its been a little while eh? Almost a month it looks like. One would think I would therefore have a lot to talk about. One would be wrong.

Its not that I don't have things to talk about actually, its that some of the things I could talk about would probably bore you (my hypothetical, mythical reader) to tears, and some of the more interesting things I could talk about I really don't think I should talk about on such a public forum. Those of my friends that read this... or I should say those friends I have regular face to face / phone contact with will have heard some of these tales; these thrilling, edge of your seat yarns of my epic deeds as a DA. And while what I would speak of is technically a mater of public record (most of it having occurred in open court, and on the record) the ethics of posting such things on a public blog are a little unsettled. I don't claim to be a genius when it comes to ethics. I know there are some things I can't talk about at all. And there are some things I can. There also seems to be this gray area where I can talk about them, but posting about them in a public forum may be considered different. Bah! I really need to re-read the Rules of Professional Responsibility.

In other news: Many of you may have known this already... some of you likely expected it: I am really quite a klutz... and not all that bright either. As proof, I offer this tale of my culinary exploits: I decided I really wanted a dutch baby (for the record, this is all Eric's fault) for breakfast. And since the Pig n' Pancake does not offer them, and I am miles from the closest Original Pancake House (and even farther from Eric's breakfast table)... I did what anyone else would do. I turned to the wonderful tubes of this very interweb to find a recipe. And find one I did... several. So I set out to make one. I blend up the ingredients, I prime the pan in the oven and bam! its off and running. Only... it doesn't come out looking much like the dutch babies I have eaten. It puffed up and all but it was mostly the middle rather than the edges. Well, to make a long story end sooner after pulling it out of the oven I reach for my trusty spatula and I grab for the handle on the pan... and then the air is rent with the my best impression of a small school girl as I hop around the kitchen like a baboon. Here is a piece of advice for all of you out there... unless you want the imprint of the pan handle on your hand (and I can see why you might) its a really really good idea to use a pot holder. It may be the best idea you could ever have.

On a related note... I still haven't decided if the problem with the actual dutch baby was recipe based or equipment based. I didn't have an iron skillet to use... and I think that would have helped, or at least done better then my non-stick skillet. But the flavor was off too... Hmm... In hindsight I would say the whole thing was a pretty big disaster

Sam is doing well. She makes an awfully cute barrista in training. If you want to know much more about what is going on with her, I suggest poking her here. Maybe if enough of you clamor, she will actually post something.

Parting notes:

Stephen Lynch = hysterical. If you don't know already, its just a shame.

The Mariners = Crap... Crap with a hell of a young pitcher, but crap nonetheless.

Lastly: This spicy BBQ turkey breast I just made is fantastic... I am going to go eat it instead of typing more.