Saturday, April 14, 2007


I was really hoping getting to play disc last weekend would sort of soothe my craving. It really hasn't. And since I haven't really found a game out here yet I am forced to get a fix in whatever way I can. Its by no means as good playing but this has helped a bit. Check it out. By the way, that is Oregon Ego Alum (and Callahan award winner of 2004) Ben Willard with the color commentary.

On a related note: I am thinking of heading down to the College Regionals in Corvallis. Its on the weekend of April 28th/29th. Let me know if you be interested in checking out some fantastic ultimate that weekend. I am planning on staying in Eugene, so at a minimum perhaps we could get together for a beer or three. Alright... thats all for now

PS> If you are not in the Oregon area, you can check the schedule and find a Regional or Sectional tourney in your area. It is very much worth checking out.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Sundry News

Well, I really haven't been up to that much. But I have thought of a few things now and again that might be of interest.

I spent last weekend in Eugene hanging with Paul and Jess and Josh. That was a heck of a time, although it was 3 days until I could walk normally (but Ultimate was a blast). Jess picked up her Wii on that Saturday so I now have some hands on experience with it. That thing is absurdly fun. I am not even sure I can describe it. Even the process of making a "mii" is pretty damn amusing. I really hope the developers make some good use of the online play possibilities.

In further geek news, I am in the process (15% through!) of downloading the open beta for Lord of the Rings Online (just to take a looksee really).

Also, reviewing a baseball game through the lens of D&D mechanics (and stereotypes) is a fantastic idea! See it here. And yes, I am aware this shows I am a giant dork in several ways. If you are reading my blog, you probably already knew that.

Work news: I am down for three trials next week, but they really aren't all that interesting. Two of them are 2nd set and very likely won't go, and the one that isn't is just a violation (as opposed to a misdemeanor or felony). I am not even certain I will be going in on the violation (our office doesn't usually appear in violation trials). Anyway... thats the bulk of what I have going on next week. For the most part, work is good. I am happy with the hours, I like the people and I am not bored to tears with substance either.

Thats about all the news I have got for now. As a Judge said just yesterday and in the words of Bill S. Preston, Esquire: "Be excellent to each other."

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I really should stop just posting about the horribly frightening things I see while surfing the web... but I just can't seem to help it (for proof see the link to MC Rove below).

So what is today's topic you might ask? Well, I would have to respond that today's topic is:

What Keith Richards does when Coke isn't strong enough:

Apparently, if you are famous guitarist impersonating the living dead... or possibly vice - versa, you grind up a little of your father's ashes, mix it with your coke and party down. Part of me really wants to know what the hell is going through your mind when you decide: "You know, I really want to know what it would be like to snort some of my old Pops." Part of me really really doesn't... (You can read the whole interview here.)

I think it really comes down to one thing in my book: If thats what it takes to be a world class rock guitarist (or what world class rock guitarists do in their leisure time)... I am glad I became a lawyer.

Now, I realize his manager is claiming it was "said in jest" (a few days after the interview was released) and its possible that it was... but would anyone really be surprised if it were true? And in all truth, my money is on him getting really high and trying it one night.