Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am only 27 years old. But I don't feel so young today. 

Last weekend our dryer died. It was clearly old. Older than Sam or I in fact. So last week we spent a couple of evening shopping for replacement. We were confronted by a fairly common and obvious problem. With the dryer dead, could the washer be far behind? It was clearly of the same vintage as the dryer. Wouldn't it make sense to replace them both now? So we shopped not just for a dryer, but for a good deal on a washer/dryer set. In the end we choose to spend extra money and purchase high-efficiency front loading units. They arrived today. And they made me feel old. Not in their newness, or moderness. Not even for the fact that I spent a large sum of money on appliances. But for the way I looked forward to their arrival for the last couple of days. And the excitement I felt in starting the first load. I don't know exactly when it happened, but I have become... domesticated. The urge to go out drinking and get a tatoo is so strong... but it is almost time to move the clothes to the dryer.

Authors Note: I know I was never the most exciting person, but I didn't think I would be this old at 27...


Seph said...

I had a similar feeling a few years ago when I found myself spending waaaay too much time trying to find bowls that matched my plates. Growing up sucks.

Seph said...

Dummy comment so I get email replies.

Sam said...

lol... It's ok honey, really it is. Considering how much more tech savvy we consider ourselves to be than the average person, the fact that we were astounded by the bizarre quietness of the washer is what did it for me.

And if you wanted to go out drinking and get a tattoo, well, we could have at least gone out drinking. I don't think there are any tattoo parlors open past 5 around here. lol

We can and should be spontaneous every once in a while, damnit! =^>.>^=

SonicLlama said...

Do it man! Get smashed! Get a tatoo! Get a tatoo ON YOUR FACE! Yeah!

Lately I've found myself hanging out with married people, some of whom have kids. But hey, at least we're still *technically* in our 20s, still. And 30 isn't old. Right? 30's not old.

Beau said...

If I were a defense attorney a face tatoo (also known as a "future income limiter" would be a great way to identify with my clients. But I am not.

You are right Joe, 30 is not old. I mean, in this day and age people spend so much longer in education that 30 is really like 22-24 used to be. That is my story anyway.