Monday, June 8, 2009

New Project

I am not the kind of man that can spend most of his evenings and weekends sitting around the house. Throughout my time in school I always had a goal I was working toward. That goal kept me occupied, driven. Once I hit the work-a-day world I had some trouble adjusting. Certainly I still had goals, but they were either too long term (save for retirement, improve as a trial lawyer etc), or too mundane to sate my desire. It seems I need goals that are, although difficult, obtainable in the mid-term. To put it quite bluntly, I need projects. Those that have followed my occasional postings have seen several posts on my last large project (my house). To be sure, the house is not yet complete, but the remaining projects are weekend sized for the most part. With the tangible end in sight, I decided it was time to acquire my next project: a 1967 Mustang Coupe. As it happens, my father is liquidating a good deal of things he has bought over the last few years, and he happened to still have the first car we bought together. The idea of finishing a project that stalled out so long ago was intoxicating. It simply had to be done.

About the car:

1967 Mustang Coupe w/ a vinyl top.

289, V-8 (and it runs)

3 speed automatic

Color: currently a mix of bondo gray, red, and Wimbledon White.

Interior: Black (except for the white high-back bucket seats that someone dropped in. I think they from a Ford Maverick)

Best of all: Manuel drum brakes...

Here some pictures to fill in what my words do not.  


Sydney said...

That's awesome! It's a great project. And hey- if you get stuck anywhere, my brother's a mechanic and I hereby volunteer him to answer questions. :) He's kind of crazy good at explaining things. He explained to me why turn signals go "click click click" and it was super interesting! But enough about Neat Stuff Syd's Brother Knows. It's always good to realize that you're really choosing how to spend your time, to have projects that feel like they free you with their epic scope rather than trap you. I think it's one of the best tests for how at home you feel in your own skin. You plan to be there for a while and you're looking for something to do. :)

Anonymous said...

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